7 -
9 March
Malvern St James Girls' School
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A summary of the theme

The 2025 Festival offers a courageous exploration of the unspoken truths that shape our lives. Drawing inspiration from Rumi’s poignant elephant poem, we confront the complexities of free expression and belonging in a world where some topics remain shrouded in silence. Like the blind men in Rumi’s tale, each of us touches only a fragment of the whole truth, but through open dialogue, artistic expression, and shared experiences, we strive to uncover the entirety of the elephant. This festival serves as a safe space for individuals to shed light on taboo subjects, challenge societal norms, and foster understanding and empathy. By embracing uncomfortable conversations and embracing diverse perspectives, we are invited to dismantle barriers, cultivate connection, and celebrate the transformative power of authentic expression. We hear from speakers about factors influencing a sense of belonging (politics, history, freedom of speech, human rights, . . .), some sharing their ideas together in conversation and debate.

Some of this year’s speakers

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