MFI2024 – A view from a supporter

The Festival of Ideas, that was so brilliantly programmed over the last year, is now over.

Each year, at the beginning of March, Andrew Webb and the Festival team organise a wide range of stimulating talks and activities, by excellent well informed speakers, based on an overall theme.

Those of us who attend the Festivals are never disappointed and always come away with thoughts and new perspectives that keep us thinking – and looking forward to the next one. The 2024
Festival was no different! It is strange, then, that many people are not still aware of the three day event that takes place right on their doorsteps.

The theme this year was “Telling Tales”, exploring the power of story and storytelling.

Chris Packham’s sell out keynote speech on Friday evening at Malvern St James’ Girls school, focussed on the start and development of life on earth. What an extraordinary story it is and how special we are to be part of that. And what a responsibility we have for protecting it.

There were so many others telling of their own experiences- charity workers, journalists, campaigners, filmmakers, authors, refugees, storytellers. All had tales to tell. All gave us ideas to ponder.

In addition were creative activities and workshops, a bookshop, information about local groups, – and food. A wonderfully satisfying weekend.

So, if you attended the 2024 Festival sometime, you will no doubt be anticipating the next one. If you were unaware of it, make a note in your diaries for March 2025. It is one not to be missed!

Doreen Small

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