My battle for justice

- 10:30 am
Sun 3rd March 2024
Danielle Hindley is a businesswoman and a mother, who found herself targeted by a national newspaper. Danielle tells the story of how an inaccurate and damaging article severely impacted her business and personal life. In conversation with HackedOff journalist Alice Watkins.

Danielle Hindley is a beautician, who lives in the former mining village of Kippax, near Leeds. In her 20s, she went through a disastrous marriage that left her single, broke and with a baby, but she worked her way back, building up a nice little business in her home while raising her son.

By late 2017, ‘Dolly’s Nails, Hair and Beauty’ had a strong client base, five-star reviews and rising profits. Hindley was content with life and her son was doing well at school.

It’s a story that might easily feature in an article about women who suffer calamity and then, by hard work and force of character, turn their lives around. But, when the press came knocking on Hindley’s door two years ago, it was not to acknowledge her self-reliance. Instead, a national Sunday newspaper published a libellous attack on her that ruined her business and her health, as well as the health and wellbeing of her son.

Danielle tells her story in conversation with HackedOff’s Senior Campaigns Officer Alice Watkins.

Suitable for: 18+ only - mature themes
Headshot photo of Alice Watkins
Alice Watkins
Headshot photo of Danielle Hindley
Danielle Hindley

Malvern St James Girls’ School

15 Avenue Road
Great Malvern
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