Ian Dunne

Science Presenter, Educational, Entertaining Science Showman

Ian B Dunne is a science presenter and showman who performs the most engaging science. Using a vast array of props, demos and pretty pictures, his shows are sure to entertain and educate. Working with all age groups and abilities he has performed all over the country at schools’ festivals and more. Bringing a unique mixture of science and humour, he uses all the skills of a stand up to make the subject come alive and enthral.

He has inspired audiences across the country for quite a few years.

Presentations such as ‘Science Magic…Magic Science‘ which is all demonstrations from resonance and the theremin and musical tesla coils to the classic pulling a rabbit out of a hat. His use of a Van de Graaff has been described by somebody who should really know as “a wonderful piece of performance, combining the machine and his own body.” It is excellent for secondary audiences and the general public.

Other presentations include ‘Science…The Best Bits‘ looking at the range and breath of science, from gravity to singing dinosaurs. The one for primary schools, it never fails to get their attention.

Great Inventors‘, ‘Great Moments of Science‘, ‘Not Just a Pretty Flower‘ and ‘The Condensed History of the Universe‘ are among so many shows are in his repertoire.


Ian Dunne appears in the following sessions. Select a session to find out more:
The Condensed History of the Universe
Sat 4th March 2023
Science Magic . . . Magic Science
Sat 4th March 2023

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