Megan McCubbin

TV Presenter and Zoologist

Megan is a passionate zoologist with a particular interest in behaviour, evolution and the illegal wildlife trade. Her interest stems from a childhood growing up in and around the Isle of Wight Zoo, which specialises in the rescue and rehabilitation of ex-circus and pet trade animals. Having travelled the world from a young age, she became familiar with living in remote areas whilst searching for incredible wildlife. From tracking in the African bush to hiking through the Antarctic continent, Megan has extensive experience working in different climates with an array of species.

Megan is one of the UK’s leading wildlife TV presenters, and is one of the faces of BBC Two’s BAFTA award winning Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch but also works on shows such as: ITV’s This Morning, CBBC’s Planet Defenders, Al Jazeera’s award-winning Earthrise, BBC Earth’s Amaze me, BBC Two’s Chris & Meg’s Wild Summer and BBC One’s Animal Park. Megan has studied and photographed wildlife around the world and is an active campaigner and author.

She is co-author, with Chris Packham, of Back to Nature: How to Love Life and Save It (2020). Through personal stories, conservation breakthroughs and fascinating scientific discoveries, Back to Nature captures the essence of how we feel about the wildlife outside our windows.


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What Biodiversity?
Sun 5th March 2023

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