Martin Worster

Funding and Sponsorship

Martin moved to West Malvern in 2015 after 11 years teaching in the Netherlands. Originally from Solihull he has spent much of his life working in Secondary Schools in various countries, including Kenya and the UK. He also spent six years in Zimbabwe, together with his wife and children, as Country Director of a British volunteer-and-youth-focussed NGO. Martin now runs the operations of another volunteering organisation called the Amalthea Trust with a focus this time on training engineers and technicians to repair and maintain hospital equipment in sub-Saharan Africa. The time spent jumping in and out of the Aid sector is how he gained experience in the writing of funding applications and proposals, which is where he is now hoping to help the Malvern Festival of Ideas.

Martin and his wife have been avid attendees of the Festival since 2018 and have always found it to be a thought-provoking and inspiring experience, with such a refreshingly wide range of speakers bringing genuinely interesting views and experiences to so many different debates. So, when the opportunity arose to be able to contribute to its success in some small way, he was more than happy to get involved.

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