Personal Pioneering for Vulnerable Families

- 13:15 pm
Sun 3rd March 2024
Trevor and Pam Birtle will share their inspirational, personal journey in establishing a charity that aims to keep together some our most vulnerable families and the extraordinary results attained using their powerful and innovative model.

The philosophy and premises that you start with directly affects the quality of the outcomes achieved when trying to keep together vulnerable families on the edge of care. Pam and Trevor will describe their personal journey that led them to establish Parent and Child Together North East, an innovative supported housing charity in Darlington. Trevor and Pam literally invested everything they had to establish a residential facility that works from an expectation that the majority of families, given the right support, can stay together and thrive. The results achieved are extraordinary and point to a radically different approach to meeting the needs of families in some of the most challenging and difficult circumstances.

Suitable for: 15 years and up
Trevor and Pam Birtle

Malvern St James Girls’ School

15 Avenue Road
Great Malvern
WR14 3BA

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